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Paragraph Writing for SSC and HSC. Write a paragraph on Globalization. Write a paragraph on Patriotism. Write a paragraph on The Greenhouse Effect. Write a paragraph on Student and Politics or Student Politics. Write a paragraph on Youth.

Paragraph Writing

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Paragraph Writing

Write a paragraph on "Globalization"

Globalisation has become a buzzword in the era of international relations. Basically it is a process of expanding trade and commerce all over the world by creating a borderless market. But it has had a far-reaching effect on many aspects of life. With the development of hi-tech communication, media and rapid transportation facilities, the world has come closer. We can learn in an instant what is happening in the farthest corner of the world. We can travel to any country in the shortest possible time. Countries of the world are like families in a village. They can even share their joys and sorrows like next-door neighbours. If one country is in distress, others immediately come to its assistance. If we could build up an atmosphere of mutual understanding and co-operation through this globalisation process, our world could certainly be a better place to live in. But globalisation has a bad effect on the poorer countries. Taking the advantage of globalisation the rich and industrially developed countries are exploiting the cheap labour of the poor countries. It has created a gap between wealth and poverty.

Write a paragraph on "Patriotism"

Patriotism means one's love or fillings for one's own country. Patriotism is a great force by which one can do a lot of good to the nation and the country. The person who loves his own country is called a patriot. He does not live for his own interest. To him mother land is everything and is better than his own life. He never hesitates to dedicate his own life for the sake of his motherland. His heart is field with great joy and pride when he can do something for his country. He is honoured and respected by everybody. On the other hand, an unpatriotic man is self-centred and values his own interest more than national interest. He is actually an object of hatred. He dies unwept, unhonored and unsung. His name is forgotten from the minds of his countryman. The great man of the world possessed this great virtu. It is an inherent quality. None can succeed in life without having patriotism. So, we must have true patriotism for our country but should not indulge in narrow patriotism. Mere love for the country does not make a man patriotic. He should do something great and nobel for the country.

Write a paragraph on "The Greenhouse Effect"

Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the earth. In recent years there have been alarming reports that the world's climate is undergoing a significant change. All these reports provide strong evidence that the world temperatures are increasing day by day. This increase in global warming is caused by increased amount of carbon dioxide around the earth. The greenhouse effect is the probable cause of this global warming. Carbon dioxide is primary responsible for temperature rise in atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is given off when anything is burnt. Humans are making columns of smoke by burning fossil fuels and forests and by melting pitch for road construction. Columns of smoke are being emitted from the chimneys of the industries and the brick fields. Besides, buses, trucks and other vehicles emit smoke by burning petrol and diesel oil. This gas is accumulating in the atmosphere and causing temperature to rise. The ozone zone of the atmosphere is becoming thick because of the accumulation of carbon dioxide. As a results, the rays of the sun are being trapped in the atmosphere. The destruction and burning down of the tropical rain forests, the smoke of the vehicles and the rapid growth of industry and the use of chlorofluoro carbons (CFC'S) are responsible for greenhouse effect. In fact, greenhouse effect is a threat to human existence on earth.

Write a paragraph on "Student and Politics or Student Politics"

Student politics is undesirable. Student's participation in politics is a contraversial matter. The guardians and the institution authorities do not like student politics but the political leaders want the students to cake a leading part in politics. Students are the leaders of tomorrow. They should be educated properly. They should study. Study is their main duty but they have the right to take part in politics. Political training should start from this period. They may easily criticize the government policies and raise voice against corruption. The students read many things and can realize them in practical life. Students are young and emotional. The leaders use them for their own interest and lead them to destruction. So they may study political issues and think about them but should not take active part in politics. The students of today seems to be more interested in politics. They consider studies to be secondary job. When the examination comes, they adopt unfair means. They should remember that study is the first and foremost duty of students.

Write a paragraph on "Youth"

Youth is the best part of a man's life. Youth indicates a part of life that immediately follows childhood. In youth a man remains active and energetic. So he can enjoy life to the full extent. It is the spring time of life. It brings good health and appearance. It is a period of love and pleasant dreams. In youth mind is full of mirth and hope. It is care free and adventures. It offers opportunity to do something. Youth is full of activities. In youth one toils and struggles for future benefit. It is the time of moulding future life the habits and characters as well as the sense of observation.

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