Degree English (Compulsory) Syllabus

National University English (Compulsory) Syllabus for Degree (Pass) course. Degree 3rd year English (Compulsory) Syllabus.

Degree (Pass) Course English (Compulsory) Syllabus
Course Code 121101 Marks: 80 Credits: 4 Class Hours: 60
Course Title English (Compulsory)

Aims and Objectives of this Course

Aims and objectives of this course: To develop students' English language skills, to enable them to benefit personally and professionally. The four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing will be integrated to encourage better language use.

1. Reading and understanding :

Students will be expected to read passages they might come across in their everyday life, such as mewspapers, magazines, general books etc. Simple stories will also be included to make students familiar with different use of the language.

N.B. 5 Questions are to be answered. Each question will carry 4 marks. There may be division in each question.

(a) Understanding different purposes and types of readings.
(b) Guessing word- meaning in context.
(c) Understanding long sentences.
(d) Recognizing main idea and supporting ideas.
(e) Answering comprehension question.
(f) Writing summaries.

2. Writing :

(a) Writing correct sentences, completing sentences and combining sentences.
(b) Situational Writing: Posters, notices, slogans, memos, advertisements etc.
(c) Paragraph Writing: Structure of a paragraph; topic sentence; developing ideas; writing a conclusion; types of paragraph (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive); techniques of paragraph development (such as listing, cause and effect, comparison and contrast)
(d) Newspaper writing: Reports, Press release, dialogue etc
(e) Writing resume:
(f) Writing letters: Formal and Informal letters, letters to the editor, request letter, job applications, complaint letter etc.
(g) Essay: Generating ideas; outlining, writing a Thesis sentence; writing the essay: writing introduction, developing ideas, writing conclusion, revising and editing.

3. Grammar :

(a) Word order of sentences (Re-arranging).
(b) Framing questions (Wh-Questions).
(c) Tenses, articles, subject-verb agreement, noun-pronoun agreement, verbs, phrasal verbs, conditionals, prepositions and prepositional phrases, infinitives, participles, gerunds. (Knowledge of grammar will be test through contextualized, passages).
(d) Punctuation.

4. Developing Vocabulary :

Using the dictionary, suitable words, suffixes, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms, changing word forms (from verb to noun etc) and using them in sentences.

5. Translation from Bengali to English :

Translation from Bengali to English to develop skills. This is also very important.

6. Speaking Skills :

Speaking skill should be integrated with writing and reading in classroom activities. The English sound system; pronunciation skills; the IPA system; problem sounds; vowels; consonant and diphthongs; lexial and syntactic stress. (Writing dialogue and practicing it orally students can develop their speaking skill. Dialogue writing can be an item in writing test.)

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